American Bulldogs are among the largest type of Bulldogs.  These dogs have a wide muscular chest, neck and hind quarters.  American Bulldogs are renown for their great muscular strength and endurance.  Due to their selective breeding American Bulldogs have a stable temperament - making them an excellent choice as a companion.  They are highly intelligent, obedient and have a protective nature, resulting in an exceptional guard dog.  American Bulldogs come in solid or varying shades of white, brindle, red, brown or tan.  Females average 60 - 100 pounds; males average 70 - 120 pounds.
 Zues of Des Moines River Kennel
At 110 pounds, Zues was "King of the Kennel".  He was my first Bulldog.  Words cannot express my love for this guy.  Zues was obedient and protective.  
Zues was laid to rest last summer, although he is gone we will never forget him. 
 Des Moines River Kennel Hoss
At 130 pounds, Hoss was known as "The Gentle Giant".  Sadly, we lost Hoss this past July.  We miss him terribly....  Fortunately, we were able to keep the pick of his last litter.  In doing so, we will be able to carry on his unique personality traits, gentle nature and huge size to future generations.
Des Moines River Kennel Magnificent Monk
Monk is two years old and ABA, ARF, and NKC registered.  She is an excellent mother and very obedient; she is our favorite girl.
Monk passes her short strong body structure on to her babies - which is favorable for weight pulling and tug competitions. Monk is now retired and living in Missouri with a great family. 
Des Moines River Kennel Tori Strom
Tori is ABA registered.  She is very protective and loyal.
Tori is an excellent mother.
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