As a breed, English Bulldogs are gentle, affectionate, loyal dogs.  Because of their stable temperament and intelligence, they make an excellent family dog.  Accepted colors are white, fawn, red, red brindle, and any of these named colors with white markings.  English Bulldogs should have a large head with a strong jaw, short muzzle and flat snout.  Their body confirmation should be rounded with a strong, muscular chest, thick, sturdy legs, and a short sway.  English Bulldog puppies are cute, chubby, roly-poly babies.  A mature English Bulldog averages 50-60 pounds.
 Des Moines River Kennel Mike
Mike is an AKC registered fawn and white patched English Bulldog; to the right he is pictured to the right in the roly-poly stage.

Below, Mike's stature is complimented by wide shoulders, a muscular chest and a short sway.  Mike is a sweet, lovable dog.

 Des Moines River Kennel Tilly
Tilly is an AKC Champion sired, AKC registered white brindle patched English Bulldog.  Even as a pup, Tilly was complimented by a rounded, muscular body with strong chest and thick, sturdy legs.

Tilly is a very affectionate and loyal dog.  She is an excellent mother and passes her stable temperament to her puppies.
 Des Moines River Kennel Disney
Disney is an AKC registered, brindle colored English Bulldog.  She is a full bodied girl....  Disney is obedient and super friendly.
 Des Moines River Kennel Rosi
AKC Registered
Superb Red Fawn
Rosi Is Our Newest Addition
Rosi has an outstanding personality and is exceptionally intelligent!
We are so happy to have an exceptional beautiful bulldog. She will make a great addition to our family. 
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