French Bulldogs are among the small sized dogs with females averaging 19 - 24 pounds and males averaging 24 - 28 pounds.  Their body is somewhat pear shaped, with their shoulders being broader than their hind quarters.  The ears of French Bulldogs are known as "bat ears"; they are broad at the base, elongated, with a round top, and they are set high on the head but not to close together; their ears are carried erect with the orifice to the front.  Their tail may be straight or shaped like a corkscrew.  French Bulldogs come in white, cream, fawn, brindle or fawn or brindle with white markings.  French Bulldogs are curious, alert, playful and affectionate - often forming strong bonds.
 Des Moines River Kennel Cash-A-Lot
Cash is an AKC registered French Bulldog with a beautiful fawn color.  His great confirmation features a rounded forehead and flat nose.  He is well balanced with the height of his withers being nearly the same length as his withers to his tail.  Cash is a proven stud, and passes his genetic strength to his pups.
Des Moines River Kennel Silver Dollars

Silver has a lovely cream color.  His typey head is complimented by "bat ears", pug nose and strong muzzle.  Silver is very sweet and lovable.
 Des Moines River Kennel Paris
Paris is the product of a breeding between Star and Silver.  She was selected from among her litter mates to add to our breeding program.
Paris is smart, stocky and well built; her beautiful fawn coat shines in the sunlight. She has a playful and loving disposition.
 Des Moines River Kennel Molly
Miss Molly this sweetie is the most lovable sweet Frenchie we have. She is very laid back and loves to swim.
Molly is a great mom. She is a beautiful black brindle.
 Des Moines River Kennel Abby
Abby is AKC registered.  She has a great personality; she gets along with everyone.
Abby is also an excellent mother. 
Des Moines River Kennel Star
Her parents are Abby and Cash. She is the "bulliest" of the females, she is a compact muscular bundle of energy.
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