Just a Sample of Our Babies....
The name Yorkshire Terrier is often abbreviated to Yorkie.  Yorkies are a small breed of dog; Standard Yorkies should weigh less than 7 pounds.  Yorkies are a glossy, silky soft, long haired dog without an undercoat - which means that they shed less than most short haired dogs.  Yorkshire Terriers have a well proportioned, compact body with a level back from the base of their neck to the base of their tail.  Yorkies are generally intelligent, curious, self confident dogs which may exhibit a protective instinct.  Yorkies are also playful and typically get along well with other dogs.
Andy of Des Moines River Kennel
Andy is a 4 pound APRI registered Yorkshire Terrier.  He has a distinctively beautiful, glistening blue and gold coat.
Andy's superb affectionate personality compliments his stunning beauty - he is a "moma's boy".
To the right is the newest photo of Andy, added 9/30/08.
Des Moines River Kennel Q-Tee Mickee
At 6 months of age, Mickee was 2.4 pounds.  He is AKC registered.
Mickee is now a year old and is a TRUE 3 lbs and 2 oz.  He comes from a long line of teacup pups. 
He is confident and outgoing despite his size!  Mickee has a beautiful thick long coat.
Des Moines River Kennel Lil Joe
Lil Joe is an AKC registered, 3 pound Yorkie.  He has a gorgeous thick black and tan coat.  His face is adorable with bright, clear eyes....  He has an exceptional good nature; he is sweet, lovable, loves to give kisses and he gets along with everyone.  Lil Joe is now retired and living happy in Virginia Beach with the Doyle's. 
 Des Moines River Kennel Daisy
Daisy is a 3.5 to 4 pound black and tan APRI registered Yorkshire Terrier.
Daisy is the smallest of our Yorkies, but with her prissy, sassy personality, she thinks she is the boss....
Notice how the black of her coat has 'broke' into the dark steel blue that is preferred in this breed.
Des Moines River Kennel Isabelle
Isabelle is an AKC and APRI registered gold and gray Yorkie.  Isabelle's thick, satiny, coat is well contrasted.
She is very friendly - she never meets a stranger.  Isabelle is an exceptional mother to her pups.
 Des Moines River Kennel Hedi
Hedi is a black and tan, APRI registered Yorkie weighing in at approximately 4 to 4.5 pounds.  She is very affectionate and loves to cuddle.  Hedi is an exceptionally attentive mother.
Photo of Hedi coming soon!
 Des Moines River Kennel Skittles
Skittles is AKC and APRI registered.  She weighs about 5.5 pounds.  Skittles has a well contrasted, beautifully thick black and gold coat.
She is the most friendly of our Yorkies.  Skittles passes her friendly, out-going temperament to her large sized litters.
Des Moines River Kennel Cabela Girl
Cabela Girl is intelligent with a friendly, curious nature.  She has a compact, well proportioned body.  Her lovely, expressive face is complimented by an expression of confidence.
Des Moines River Kennel Candy
Candy is the product of our breeding of Andy (pictured above) and Skittles.  What a beauty!
These newest photos demonstrate her dynamic color and contrast.
This close-up shows Candy's beautiful, expressive face.
Des Moines River Kennel Skylar
This is Skylar she is a 4.5 lb Yorkie.  She is AKC registered. Skylar is very laid back and tolerable of all the other dogs; she is even willing to nurse other babies.
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